AR & VR | 301.
Forests in VR

State contract, consisting in the digitization of large forest areas affected by bark beetles.

Architecture in VR

Unique software, based on a long-term formulation of an approach in planning and designing buildings, based on many years of experience of a leading architectural studio.

E-commerce in VR

Own solution, presentation and sales platform that moves the world of e-commerce to a completely different level using 3D, VR & AR

Gaming in VR

War in Vietnam - strategic game

History in VR

History is very close to us and we are convinced that it is necessary to remember it despite the rapid progress into the future.

Hi! We are 301.


Virtual reality brings new possibilities in conveying a preview, feeling or an experience to your target audience.


Our philosophy is based on the connection of young creative and technical talents with the commercial world so that we always bring the client a completely unique and revolutionary solution in its segment and overall move it for years to its competitive environment.